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The Handy Housewife’s Domestic Round

Mary Cozens-Walker

Clasped Hands

Susan Macarthur

Spanish Fields

Carol Naylor

Fish & Chips

Rachel Howard

Me & You

Alice Kettle


Robin Giddings

Cut paper design sheet

Tania Cuthbert


Karen Armistead

Blue Elephant and Tree

Helen Kenyon

Ribbon Square

Anne Butler Morrell

Plumed Serpent

Eirian Short

Primmy’s Dog

Eirian Short

Indian Elephant Riding

Laura Sharp

Midsummer Spain 2

Carol Naylor

3 Fragments

Robin Giddings


Anne Vaughan

Marble Cat

Karen Nicol


Audrey Walker

Pink and Yellow Clover

Claire Johnson Knight

Feeding Frenzie

Nicola Henley

Skipton Castle to Bolton Abbey

Janet Browne

Two Pink Elephants and Tree

Helen Kenyon

And the Woman Said

Audrey Walker

Cha Cha Love II

Louise Gardiner