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Abstract Patterns

Michele Rooney

Square 21:50

Richard McVetis

Life is just a Bowl of Cherries

Sue Stone


Claire Johnson Knight

Pink and Green Clover

Claire Johnson Knight

The City Never Sleeps

Charlotte Hitchon

Bathing Belle

Louise Gardiner


Richard Box

Blue Basker IV

Alice Kettle


Susie Vickery

Landscape on a box lid

Verina Warren

Wren & Frog

Holly Hart

Design sheet 2

Claire Johnson Knight

Passages of Time

Jan Beaney

Castles on Mauve

Cheryl Welsh

Rhubarb Hat

Deirdre Hawken

Renaissance View

Verina Warren

Three Gerberas

Kerry Jupp

Jackie and Arlo

Laura McCafferty

All Together

Prinkie Roberts

Thinking About…

Audrey Walker

Cha Cha Love I

Louise Gardiner

Pink and Yellow Clover

Claire Johnson Knight

Spanish Lavender

Carol Naylor