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Ruth Tudor

All Together

Prinkie Roberts

Landscape Notes 4

Sarah Burgess

Lady at the Flower Stall

Laura McCafferty

Rose Arbour

Kate Wells

Roller Bladers Hanging

Jae Maries

Drawings for quilt

Pauline Burbidge


Claire Johnson Knight

Clasped Hands

Susan Macarthur

Punch Bag

Cheryl Welsh


Jeanette Charnley

Inhibiting Worlds

Anne Butler Morrell

3 Fragments

Robin Giddings

The Cinnamon Tree

Verina Warren

Transplanting 6a

Jeanette Appleton

Staffordshire Dogs

Sarah Denison


Eirian Short

The Couple

Audrey Walker

Fish & Chips

Rachel Howard

Pink Squares

Anne Butler Morrell


Suzanne Armitt

Indian Elephant Riding

Laura Sharp

The City Never Sleeps

Charlotte Hitchon

Drawing of Wild Roses

Sue Rangeley