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Stained Glass

David Morrish

Mutation 4

Lucy Newman

London Lights

Sarah de Rousset Hall

Goldeneye Ducklings

Suzy Ager


Karen Nicol

Robin(iii) Looking Right

Nigel Cheney

Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make

Cyntha Singer

The Grange Swings

Paul Dover


Sylvia Paul

Drawing for Sunbird

Suzy Wright


Suzy Wright


Lucy-Marie Martin

Stitched Sketch ‘Lynchets: Worth Matravers Purbeck’

Kate Wells

Golden Heather (detail)

Kate Wells


Sabina Lima

Resurgence 5

Lucie Feighan

Bird and Wattle

Cas Holmes

Corvid 1

Cas Holmes

Diana’s Studio

Paula Reason

Legacy 2

Paula Reason


Paula Reason

Machine Sample using twin needle

Nigel Hurlstone

Shapes and Textures of the Natural Environment

Marian Jazmik

Beaker with Paint Brushes

Emily Jo Gibbs