Setting Opening of the Night

Archana Pathak

Gardener King

Fiona Gill

Portrait 1 Dream

Anne Kelly

Portrait 2 Dream

Anne Kelly


Hanny Newton

Flower Spray

Olivia Conway

Now You See Me

Nikki Parmenter

Six Women

Batool Showghi

Sturgeon Moon

Jean Littlejohn

Out of Chaos

Jan Beaney

Stained Glass

David Morrish

Mutation 4

Lucy Newman

London Lights

Sarah de Rousset Hall

Goldeneye Ducklings

Suzy Ager


Karen Nicol

Robin(iii) Looking Right

Nigel Cheney

Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make

Cyntha Singer

The Grange Swings

Paul Dover


Sylvia Paul

Drawing for Sunbird

Suzy Wright


Suzy Wright


Lucy-Marie Martin

Stitched Sketch ‘Lynchets: Worth Matravers Purbeck’

Kate Wells

Golden Heather (detail)

Kate Wells