Originally forming the front or back  of a blouse made by the Kuna Indians – cotton fabric – hand stitched reverse appliqué

The Kuna view Molas as their cultural wealth and intellectual property. Molas tell their stories through the materials used to make them, the quality of their designs, the popular subject matter selected for production and by the “voices” of the makers. Whilst commerce drives the cash economy of Mola making, Molas co-exist as an integral part of a woman’s identity, inclusion in the community and value as a member of a family “at home” in the Kuna Yala Archipeligo.

 Reverse Appliqué in cotton fabric

  1. Cat? 28 x 35 cm
  2. Tortoise? 32 x 42.5 cm
  3. Abstract Symbols 33 x 41 cm
  4. Cockerel 32 x 38 cm

Purchased on a visit to the San Blas Islands in 1976

Diana Springall Collection 2016 11 Diana Springall Collection 2016 7