A maker who is interested in the liminal, ‘in between’ spaces connecting land, place and environment. Trained in fine art, her work combines mixed media with found materials and stitch which she describes as ‘painting with cloth’ depicting stories stretching back to her Romany grandmother.

BA Hons in Painting and Photography

Member of The Embroiderers Guild. Profile in Contact Magazine November 2021

Textile artist, teacher and author

Stitched collages often utilizing  found materials; torn, cut, applied and further embellished with paint, dyes and hand and machine stitching

The Found Object in Textile Art Batsford 2010

Connected Cloth Batsford 2013

Stitch Stories Batsford 2015

Textile Landscape Batsford 2018

Embroidering the Everyday Batsford 2021

Textileartist.org 2018 From Conception to Creation