b. 1965

Paula Reason builds on her background as an architect to explore, through textiles, the relationship that we have with the spaces that we occupy.

“Through my textile art, I investigate how the spaces that we live in reflect who we are”

Both Paula’s architectural and textile designs start with the hand drawn line. Her architectural work uses sketches to capture the concept and essence of a proposed building or interior.  Her textile work starts with meticulous drawings, to record the paraphernalia of everyday life within existing occupied spaces.  ‘It’s a way of extracting the essence of a space and the stories that they contain.’  

2020 Author of ‘Talking Spaces: A Life in Craft’. International Textile Research Centre, University for the Creative Arts.

January February 2020, Article in Embroidery Magazine ‘A Room of One’s Own’.

2020 Selected to exhibit as a part of Collect Open in the Crafts Council’s International art fair for contemporary craft and design at Somerset House with ‘Talking Space: A Life in Craft’.


Instagram: @paulareason33