A vintage kit – 3 cards for you to sew and send

Created by myself during the 1980s, a kit to embroider your own Christmas cards to send. Each kit contains enough materials for you to create three cards. Visual instructions are supplied and the technique is easily mastered by the beginner embroiderer, taking less than half an hour to complete each card.

This delightful vintage kit contains the following materials for you to create your own embroidered Christmas greetings card:
3 x white punched cards
3 x red printed inset papers
3 x white envelopes
thread in green, gold and red
2 x needles
mini scissors
picture instructions

Each card measures 100mm square

The embroidered card

The Diana Springall card concept involves a combination of techniques which are unique to card design and manufacture including:
1. The use of variable head die punching or perforating machine specifically developed to create the shape and content of the decoration in the form of clean-cut perforations through stiffened card. The spacing, diameter and cut surfaces of perforations are designed to be tear resistant to multiple applications of needle and thread when the embroidery is sewn onto the card in diametrically opposite directions.
2. The selction of thread combinations: colour, type and nature of material and texture, give effect to the decoration according to this unique design.

David Piésold (4 June 1987)

Kits are available to buy at my Etsy shop