Steps Stitched

Dionne Swift

Rhubarb Hat

Deirdre Hawken

Marble Cat

Karen Nicol

Near & Distant Horizons

Ruth Isset

Inhibiting Worlds

Anne Butler Morrell

Two Pink Elephants and Tree

Helen Kenyon

Jackie and Arlo

Laura McCafferty

Night Window

Audrey Walker

Staffordshire Dogs

Sarah Denison

Blue Basker IV

Alice Kettle

Gloucester Cathedral Design

Alice Kettle


Richard McVetis

Me & You

Alice Kettle

Clasped Hands

Susan Macarthur

Wren & Frog

Holly Hart

Song of The Shirt

Rosie James

Primmy’s Dog

Eirian Short


Audrey Walker

Bird & Sun

Alison Rogers

Sample sheet

Amanda Sharpe

Fish & Chips

Rachel Howard


Eirian Short

Abstract Patterns

Michele Rooney

In the Shadows

Dianne Westmoreland