Lady at the Flower Stall

Laura McCafferty

Spiralling Snakes

Eirian Short

Square 21:50

Richard McVetis

Song of The Shirt

Rosie James

Pastel drawing and sample

Theresa James

Blow Wind Blow

Jane Poulton


Anne Butler Morrell

The Couple

Audrey Walker

Transplanting 6a

Jeanette Appleton


Richard Box

Christening Gown late 19th century


Steps Stitched

Dionne Swift

All Together

Prinkie Roberts

Wren & Frog

Holly Hart

Mother and Daughter

Margaret Nicholson

Forbidden Fruit III

Jean Littlejohn

Near & Distant Horizons

Ruth Isset

Beach II

Kate Wells

Night Window

Audrey Walker

Letting the Days Go By

Jane Poulton

A Bar of Drinking Chocolate

Julie Heaton

Design sheet chicken series

Sally Ellis

Landscape Notes 5

Sarah Burgess

Plumed Serpent

Eirian Short